Aaron Golden

The Legend of Mercedes Ketch.

Once upon a time... Mercedes Ketch had everything that mattered. A promising future, a best friend, and a loving family until it was all taken away. Some unknown force has been weaving the threads of her life, leading her towards a decision that will ultimately redeem or damn the world. For her the Curtain will be drawn aside. She is taken in by the Verene Knights, who have spent the last thousand years fighting for their very survival. Now, armed with the knowledge Mercedes brings them, they stand poised to overcome their enemies and reclaim their world - but only if an act of treachery doesn’t destroy them first.

Saint Gregory and the Draconic Church

“My name is Martin Christopher. The city I am sworn to protect is burning and the testimony I am about to give will determine whether the woman that saved us all will burn with it.”

An ageing detective, Martin Christopher has been feeling the years while investigating the Church of Dracology. A new cult and brainchild of a mysterious and controversial author. Martin and his partner, have evidence that this so called Church has been involved in all kinds of illicit activity – gun running, drug trafficking, racketeering and prostitution – but the situation is turning political. They're being pressured, from the highest levels to just drop everything.

But the powers that be don’t understand Martin or his partner, a young woman who has never known when to quit. She believes in justice; her incorruptible nature has even the most vicious street thugs calling her The Saint. Her real name is Gregory Snipes and she will not stop until justice is done...