Aaron Golden

Aaron Golden Author Portait

On Aaron Golden:

Aaron’s worked freelance for film and television, done a little theater work here and there, invented and developed a role-playing system and used it for the past eighteen years. It was novels that always drew his interest, though, and it’s novels that he’s now being driven to write. The story is all.

On Sinister:

Story is a combination of plot and character, both working together to form a greater whole. Too much or not enough of one or the other ruins what could otherwise be a solid narrative, a failing that requires a deft hand to overcome. The left is always more careful than the right, more willing to measure its own movements. The left hand is what gives.

On Dexter

Thought, consideration, reflection. One does not create story without context, for without context there is no purpose. One experiences as much as one can, filtering it through perspective and assigning that story as much meaning as it can hold. The right hand is always braver than the left, willing to dare and accept more. The right hand is what takes.